Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half: Tips & Tricks


Nobody likes to spend a whole lot of money every week on food! It’s not that we all don’t like the quality of our food or that we are so cheap we don’t want to give in to that `premium` price, but it’s nice to have more money to spend on something else for a change. So here are a few tips on how to cut your grocery bill in half! With no concessions to quality, here is what you have to do. First, use the ads in your advantage, meaning you must prepare before heading out on a monthly, yes monthly, shopping spree. A list is quite handy in this direction. And oh yeah, don’t limit yourself to just one shop, buy stuff from a bunch if that’s possible, looking for the best cost-quality ratio. Secondly, it’s not rocket science, folks! The basic directions you need to follow after you have the list ready are: buy, chop and freeze. When you think about it, it’s almost the same because supermarkets keep them in freezers until next month’s batch arrive. No – scratch that – it’s better, because you have the products closer to you at any time! Read the whole tips and tricks section to find out exactly how you should proceed at every step along the way to effectively cutting your grocery bill in half

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