How to Build a Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet


The lack of space is a big issue in a lot of households, but this doesn’t mean you have to throw out some of your things. Instead of doing a big clean, you should search for new and space saving ways to store your stuff. There are a lot of cool space-saving ideas and this next one is simply genius. Your fridge is one of the largest appliances in your home and it obviously occupies a lot of space. Besides this, some unused space is generated automatically on the two sides of the fridge which is usually small and narrow. Only if something would fit in there, so you can make a use of this space too! Well, here’s a great idea: build a hide-away pantry there where you can store your food cans. Use wooden pieces to build the pantry and place in on small wheels so you can roll it out anytime from near the fridge. Place your cans on the pantry’s shelves and roll the whole structure near your fridge. Such a cool idea and very easy to make too! But more more details check out the tutorial provided by Roeckers…

Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet DIY completed and tutorial