Girl Found Raped,Frothing From Mouth; Cops Refuse To Investigate Her Death For One Reason

The investigation into the death of a Pakistani Christian girl was cancelled after police said they believed she killed herself. Her family, however, is saying otherwise – that she was raped and murdered by a Muslim gang.

The girl, 12-year-old Tania, was dropped off at school by her brother on January 23. Later that day, her brother received a call from police saying that she was found in a nearby canal as a result of drowning.

When Tania’s brother arrived at the scene, he noticed that she was frothing at the mouth and her pants had been ripped. Her parents began cooperating with investigators, believing that they would find her killer. They were shocked, however, when they announced they would be ending the investigation. Her death, they said, was a suicide.

“Tania was young, happy and full of energy. There is absolutely no way she would take her own life!” her father, Nadeem Gill, told the British Pakistani Christian Association.

“Every day in the evening we would spend an hour talking on Skype she would tell me what she had done through the day and would ask me about my day. S|he was a truly wonderful and loving daughter. I hated being so far away from her but had to feed my family, I earn more in Dubai then I could ever earn in Pakistan where Christians are hated so much. Sadly the distance meant I could not be with my daughter when she most needed me. Our corrupt police force is preventing justice for my daughter. But I will never give up till her murderer is found.”

British Pakistani Association Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said he agrees with the family that Tania’s death was a murder at the hands of a Muslim gang.

“We hope and pray this family get some justice, they have suffered enough,” Chowdhry said.

“Pakistani statutory authorities and the Government need to recognize the growing concern of evident targeting of Christian girls for rape and forced Islamic marriage. Tania’s case fits the profile of many other similar rape incidents, sadly in her case it lead to murder. By ignoring the plight of minority girls, Pakistan as a nation is developing a poor reputation for human rights and it may simply illustrate that most of the population do not care. The onus has to be on the Government of Pakistan to clamp down on such crime and to remove the perceived impunity. Their inactivity only continues to blight the nation.”

The heartbreaking story went viral, with many calling for police to bring the killers to justice.

“This is absolutely sickening!! More on the Left need to see what’s going on in the world! This is awful…and Unjust! No matter who sees it…they should be Repulsed! We do not this in America…or anywhere! Sharia Law is Sick!” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Religion should be outlawed. Too many people use it as a excuse to do evil things. When are we going to say enough is enough?” another added.

Sources: British Pakistani Christian Association, Mad World News/Facebook/ Photo credit: Mad World News