16 Totally Surprising Ways To Use Table Salt

Salt is one of the most commonly found food items in any home and has been used to season food since pretty much forever. Perhaps because it’s so inexpensive, it seems that a lot of people are completely unaware of the many other uses and benefits of salt that go way beyond the kitchen. In an effort to remedy that, we’ve provided this handy list of ways to use salt around the home that you probably never knew about.
1. Prevent Moldy Shower Curtains

Just wash your curtains in saltwater when you first buy them.

2. Relieve Bug Bites

To soothe itchy bug bites, moisten your fingers with water, dip into salt, and rub on the affected area.
3. Restore Shine To Copper

Mix salt with vinegar and flour, or some lemon juice, and rub onto tarnished surfaces to make then shine again.
4. Prevent oil splatters.

Sprinkle some salt into a frying pan before adding oil to reduce splattering.
5. Drip-Free Candles

By soaking a candle in a concentrated salt solution for a few hours, you’ll significantly reduce dripping. Just be sure to dry the candle before lighting it.
6. Banish Shoe Odor

Get rid of nasty odors from shoes by putting little cloth bags of salt into them. In just a few hours, the bad smells should be gone.


7. Exile Ants

Combine salt and water in a 1:4 ratio in a bottle. Spray the solution wherever you see ants congregating. Alternatively, just sprinkle some salt in those areas.
8. Make Safe DIY Paint For The Kids

Blend one cup flour and one cup salt together, then add one cup water and a few drops of food coloring.
9. Remove Onion Smells From Your Hands

Onions and garlic leave a strong scent on your hands, but all it takes to get rid of it is to wet your hands, then rub salt all over them. Rinse and rejoice!
10. Keep Produce From Browning

A bowl full of salt water helps keep your fruits and veggies from oxidizing.
11. DIY, All-Natural Air Freshener

Take one-half to a full cup of coarse salt and add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Arrange everything in a bowl, jar, or possibly a scooped-out orange/lemon peel. Smells like greatness.
12. Put Out Kitchen Fires Safely And Effectively

If you’ve started a grease fire by accident, DO NOT use water! It’ll only cause hot oil to splatter everywhere and maybe spread the flames. Instead, cut off the fire’s oxygen supply by smothering it with salt.


13. Clean An Iron

Remove gunk from an iron by turning it to the highest setting and running it over salt sprinkled on a piece of brown paper.
14. Keep Windows Frost-Free

Rub the inside of your windows with a sponge dipped in salty water to prevent the accumulation of frost.
15. Clean Your Sink

A lemon and some coarse salt do wonders for cleaning stainless steel sinks and fixtures.
16. Don’t Get Fooled At Restaurants

If you found a hair in your food, ask the waiter for a replacement, but sprinkle lots of salt on the dish first. That way, you’ll know if they actually remade it.

H/T: Bright Side