What Do Your Toes Reveal About You?


Everybody’s feet look different; some people have small; some people have big, and not one single toe length is the same. Why is this, could it have something to do with you lineage or your personality traits?

The answer is yes, says some researchers! The author of “Let’s Read Our Feet,” Jane Sheehan says, “It’s all about analyzing the structure and texture and imbalances of the feet to understand someone’s emotions and personality.”

So what does that mean for you?

toes (1)

Big Toe

If your big toe is longer than the rest, you are a clever person who is very creative. This also points towards Egyptian or Germanic lineage.

If the big toe is shorter, this shows that you work well in situations where you have to multi-task.

Second Toe

A longer second toe indicates high leadership qualities, it also shows you are dynamic and resourceful. This could also indicate Greek or Celtic origins.

A smaller second toe indicates that you are not afraid to bulldoze your way through life; you do not value harmony.

Angled third joint on the third toe

This shows that you could be deceitful by nature, it also means you are very misunderstood.

Leaning second toe on left foot

This is a sign that you are sentimental, and very nostalgic by nature. You could also have Celtic blood.

Pointing little Toe

This shows you are restless and in need of constant change. It also shows you are unconventional by nature.

Was this information accurate for you? What did the chart indicate your lineage to be?