DIY Bike Stealth Camper


I am always amazed by the creative minds and skillful hands of the DIY experts who can turn something ordinary into extraordinary! Paul Elkins is one of those creative people. He loves micro camping and has been travelling the country for years in the bike stealth camper that he built all by himself. This DIY project may sound impossible, but for a small budget and some elbow grease, he made this tiny stealth camper that he could attach to a bicycle and take wherever he wanted!

This micro mobile home weighs only 60 pounds and costs only $150 to build. Paul was able to cut down the cost of his camper because he used mostly recycled and cheap materials, such as old campaign signs, a used bicycle, cheap pine boards, zip ties and so on. But it has all the necessary amenities that make it an actually fully functioning camper. Inside there’s a camp stove, a sink, a counter, a bed, windows, storage space for food and clothing, LED lighting and even a skylight. Cool! With creativity, a bit of time and the right tools, you can also build this lightweight, affordable and practical camper by yourself. Check out the video and see Paul’s amazing DIY work. Enjoy!


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