DIY Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling Old Towels


As you already know from all the projects we’ve been showing you on this website, any material can be recycled. Whether you want to transform an old object and give it a new look or you want to create something entirely new, recycling is a great way to play around with different materials and to train your creativity. So today, we will be showing you how to make a rug from recycled towels. This is a fantastic idea and in the end you will have a soft and fluffy new rug for your bathroom. You will need: towels, thread, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. You can use differently colored towels or a single color, it’s up to you, but as you are going to find out from the tutorial, 3 large towels will be more than enough. You can find the full tutorial on the next link, as well as the step by step instructions. The final product will be a beautiful rug, with a geometric pattern that looks just like a store-bought one

Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling Old Towels – Sisters of the Wild West