DIY Adirondack Chair in 8 Easy Steps


Adirondack chairs are perfect for outdoor, as they have a simple wooden design that blends in almost anywhere. If you want to make your own Adirondack chair, here’s a helpful tutorial that will teach you how to do it. The final product will be a cozy chair for outdoor chilling and you can build several pieces and create a lounge area in your backyard. To build the chair, you will need the following supplies: 7-8 Cedar fence boards, wood screws for outdoor, wood glue (waterproof). You will also need a toolbox that includes: a saw, a drill, tape measure and a pencil. You will find all the instructions you need to build your own chair in the following link and you can start the work the following weekend. Choose a nice color that goes well with your other outdoor elements and decorations and create your very own lounge area.

DIY Adirondack Chair in 8 Easy Steps – Instructions