Projects from Pinterest that are actually successful


I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little obsessed with Pinterest. I can stay all day, browsing boards, searching for inspiration. I have added no less than fifteen new family approved, easy and delicious recipes to my repertoire as a result of this addiction. I have learned how to make things for my home. I have learned how to make things for my kids. I have found so many projects that my kids and I can do together! You may look around and feel skeptical as to whether any of the projects you see on the boards actually work. I was the same way, but through trial and error I got my answers. You lucked out! We can talk about some success stories right here! Such as, making fun and fragrant candles from lemon rinds! Really, any citrus will do, but what a divine smell! And such a great conversation starter! Another sure winner is this lavender coconut lip gloss. It has become a staple in gift bags and baskets that I give out for birthdays and Christmas. It makes your lips so smooth, and it smells fantastic. Everyone loves it! If you have a sweet tooth, and would like to have a little treat now and then, the brownie in a mug is a must-have for your recipe book. The perfect little treat without going overboard. I like it much better than making a whole pan of brownies, or buying a bag of cookies. Portion control at its most delicious!