Why I Love Epsom Salt And You Should Too


Epsom salt is pure magic! Yes, magic! Anything that is so affordable and has so many practical uses gets filed under the ‘mystical and wonderful’ tab in my book. From relaxation to cleaning, it does it all. Natural Living Ideas has an excellent roundup on some of Epsom’s many uses and I’m really excited to feature it here today! Ready to be amazed? I know I was!

I always have Epsom salt in the bathroom. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a long soak with it in the water after a miserable day. These salts are proven to reduce stress! I didn’t know this before today but it’s technical name is magnesium sulfate. No wonder it’s so good for us! Magnesium does wondrous things to the body. Epsom is terrific! Not only can it help with our stress but it’s perfect for fixing our complexion, hair, and feet. Take it out of the bathroom and use use it to clean and in the garden. OMG! I am learning a lot and can’t wait to try these!

Another one of my fav things to do with Epsom salt? Make ice crystal vases! Crafts By Amanda has an awesome tutorial.