Bumper Pads Pattern For Your Dog Crate


Have you ever seen something on Pinterest or Facebook and instantly fallen in love? You knew that it was the DIY for you and that your life would be a little less great until you got it. Excitement immediately followed by heartbreak. Your amazing craft/project doesn’t come with instructions. Nooooo! I’ve been there. We all have. (Especially, with sewing projects.) Lame. But that’s not the case with these cute dog crate covers. Kevin And Amanda have put together a terrific tutorial and an easy-to-follow sewing pattern for us.

These DIY crate bumpers are ridiculously cute. I tend to go to amazing lengths to make my animals happy; happy and fashionable. These covers should do both. #win! They will also help spruce up boring kennels and get rid of an eye sore in the house or car. I’m ‘sew’ going to make these! I’m sure I can pull it off, minimal skills and all. Adorable!

The Cottage Market has some really fun DIY dog bed ideas. Some will even fit inside your pretty new crate!