16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures


I have always loved taking pictures. In the last few years, however, I have been actually trying to learn how to do it. I luck out with some great pics with the point and shoot method from time to time, but I want every picture to be outstanding. There are a lot of neat ways to achieve different effects and looks to your photographs. I found this article at Diply.com full of 16 hacks to help ensure you can take flawless photos! Such as making photos look vintage, with the blurred edges. This can be achieved by putting vaseline on the outer edges of the lens. Such a beautiful effect. With a few common items, such as a drink cup and some foil, you can make your own ring flash. It can take your photos to a whole new level. A beautiful way to take pictures of no living things, such as flowers is to make a do it yourself light box. All you need is grease proof paper taped to a window. You will be amazed at how professional your pictures will look when you play around with some of these tricks. It’s simply amazing. A sandwich bag can give you another neat effect. Soft and hazy. Just lovely. Another great way to amp up your photog skill is to have many backdrops. There are a few do it yourself ideas for that, as well. Some as simple as hanging a roll of wrapping paper from a string. So, don’t think you always have to settle for fingers crossed, point and click and hope for the best picture taking.