See Why This Guy Is Pouring Epoxy On Goldfish


Some people are so talented and can create the most amazing works of art. Sadly, I’m not one of them. My crafts aren’t bad but they will never be blue ribbon material, much less museum quality. The same can’t be said for Riusuke Fukahori. His paintings come alive!

He makes beautiful 3D fish paintings. I can guarantee that these are paintings and not real fish forever trapped in resin. You may have to watch the video a few times before you are convinced of that but it’s true! He paints then resins, paints then resins, over and over again. He does this until the piece is a stunning 3D masterpiece. These are my kind of fish! No feeding and no flushing, Lol!

Fukahori recently had a piece, entitled ‘Goldfish Salvation,’ displayed at the INC Gallery in London. Like I said, talented! It must be so difficult to learn how much to paint on each layer to get the desired end result. Creative Bloq has 25 fun examples of 3D art if you are looking for more! How could you not be?!