Banana Peel – A Cure for Insomnia and More


We all know bananas to be a healthy food, mostly for their relatively high content of vitamin B6 (0.4 mg / 100 g – 18%DV), vitamin C (8.7 mg/100 g – 15%DV), manganese (0.3 mg/100 g – 13%DV), potassium (358 mg/100 g – 10%DV) magnesium (27 mg/100 g – 7%DV) and dietary fiber (2.6 g/100 g – 10%DV). But what of banana peel? Most of the people don’t enjoy eating it as much as they enjoy eating the pulp. Well, that seems to be a shame, because banana peel has been proven by more than a few scientific studies to have some significant therapeutic qualities, out of which those that target the nervous system and the skin are probably the most notable.