32 Outrageously Fun Things You’ll Want In Your Backyard This Summer


It’s starting to warm up! That means it’s time to get the yard ready for fun and leisure! Time to get the pool cleaned up and ready to go, and to break out the grill and outdoor activities! My family loves to be outdoors all the time. We invest in a lot of things to facilitate a great time when we are hanging out in the backyard. This buzzfeed article features so many awesome things that I want to add to our back yard fun! You will want all of them for your backyard, too! Why settle for normal floats in the pool when you can have floating beanbags! These are awesome! My kids will flip out when they see what I ordered today. A zip line! In your yard! How fun is that? There is so much potential for hours of fun with this floating ping pong set! You know how moms are always worried about their kids falling off of the trampoline? Some of them forbid their children to jump on one. That’s why this sunken trampoline is perfect. Even if you feel it’s a ground level. I’m definitely getting one of these for my kids asap. That looks amazing! Have you heard of the Cocoon? Oh my goodness, they are amazing. You’ll just have to see for yourself how awesome they are! I want one immediately! My number one want is the swingset firepit. What could be better than a circle of porch swings around a stone firepit for those summer nights after a long day of play and fun and laughter!