17 Storage Ideas For All The Little Things


Storage and organization has always been my downfall when it came to keeping my house tidy, so I am thankful for these great storage and organization tricks for the little things. You may not realize how much better your home would look if you organize all of it, not just the big stuff! There is all kinds of clutter and mess amongst those small things. this Diply.com please give so many great ideas on how to keep those little messes in check! I know one of the biggest places for clutter in my home that is filled with little things is the bathroom counter. You have cotton swabs, makeup, hair products etc. taking up all that room. remedy that with this DIY mason jar storage that also looks pretty on your wall! You have a place to put everything up off the counter and keep that space looking neat! Write up under the mason jar storage solution, affix a magnetic strip to the wall to hold things such as bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers! Another great bathroom storage solution is to put a Lazy Susan under the sink! Never have to dig through all those bottles looking for one again! Keep your jewelry, or your crafting supplies neat and tidy with pill organizers! I am in love with the glass bottle bracelet holder! By simply glueing two empty glass bottles inside a small wooden box and hanging it on the wall you not only have something beautiful, but practical, too! You can save money on wall art by keeping your earrings on a beautiful frame with chicken wire attached! That is also a fantastic gift idea for anyone who has a love of earrings! My very favorite storage and organization idea on this list is to use an over the door shoe organizer for all those odds and ends in your pantry. They can hold your seasoning and gravy packets, the last one or two packs of crackers or gummy treats or anything else you can think of! Get your home truly organized with these fantastic storage and organization tricks for the little things.