WD-40 Hacks: 19 Amazing Uses for WD-40


One of the many things my husband keeps in the garage is some serious amount of WD-40. Last week he brought in a total of 4 bottles and when I asked him why he needed so many, he simply replied he was running short on it. Since my curiosity awoke, I decided to Google some uses of WD-40 in order to find out what exactly can one do with so much of it.

I came across a list of uses on diply.com and was absolutely stunned by the numerous applications of this product. First of all, did you know you could use it not only as a lubricant, but also as a stain remover? Dirt, tea stains, light rust… seriously, this thing is magical! Apart from cleaning everything – from kitchen counter tops to toilets – WD-40 can also be used for removing nasty glue, grease and stickers. Not only that, but it’s a perfect solution for stuck water glasses or sharpie stains. I particularly loved the idea that you could use it as a wasp repellent during the summer.