Young Runner Collapses 100Ft Before Finish, But Selfless Strangers Refuse To Leave Her Behind.

At InspireMore, we’ve seen young athletes overcome incredible odds and a high school runner give up 1st place for a stranger, but a moment captured at a Philadelphia half marathon yesterday really made our day.

Within sight of the finish line, a young woman’s legs began to buckle. As she started to collapse on the pavement a stranger spotted her. He slowed his gait and caught the young woman before she fell to the ground.


A second man ran up behind moments later to help spirit the woman over the finish line before her body gave out completely.


Not 25 feet from the finish line, the young woman simply couldn’t move another step. It was then that a third good samaritan scooped up the runner and carried her all the way to the finish line.


And the big hearted man managed to carry her all the way to the finish line. He then set her down to take the last few steps with her own power.


Check out the wonderful moment of human compassion in the video below!

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