Widow Lived Alone For 30 Years, Then She Hears Curious Puppy Scratching At Front Door.

Sally Rewehooeern lived alone in her Mount Vernon, Washington suburb ever since her beloved husband died nearly 30 years ago. As time passed, the 92-year-old became less and less active and rarely left the house… until she met her very best friend, Brody.

Brody is a 15-week-old Saint Bernard puppy. The day Brody met Sally, the young pup was new to the neighborhood. Overcome with curiosity, the weeks-old puppy left his new home to explore his surroundings. Brody’s adventuring led him straight to Sally’s door, and the two have been inseparable ever since.


Sally grew up constantly surrounded by dogs on a farm in Holland, but hasn’t had a dog since moving to the U.S. in 1953. But when Sally is with Brody, she doesn’t miss a beat!


Brody follows Sally everywhere. Sally’s never surprised to see Brody bounding up to her car when it’s time to run errands. They paint the town red together several times a week.


Even though Brody belongs to Sally’s neighbor, his unexpected presence in Sally’s life cured her of her loneliness. The two are the best of friends.

Check out their adorable relationship in the video below!

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