NFL Player Had No Idea Family On Flight Was Watching Him, Then Mom Slips Him This Note.

While on a flight over the weekend, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu had no idea an entire family had been observing his actions. But when he started to disembark, he was slipped a note that ‘really put a smile’ on his face. The note was signed, “The Family that sat behind you” and has gone viral for all the right reasons. Check it out in the post below!

“Hi! You don’t know us, but we wanted to thank you. Our son sat behind you on this flight and watched you. He saw you studying your plays, watched you make healthy choices with your snacks, food and drink. He watched how polite you were to everyone.

He is only 10 but just made an elite hockey team and we are on our way to training in CT. You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud!

Thank you and best of luck!

The family that sat behind you

This definitely put a smile on my face. ☺️ the little things.

The Falcons quickly confirmed Mohamed’s character through their official twitter account.

It seems no one is surprised that the footballer is such a great guy, but it’s still nice to see a kind heart and humble nature take the limelight.

As one Twitter user said,”So awesome to see this especially in the times we live in. There is hope in this world. And it starts with just one person.”

Remember, you never know when little eyes are watching.

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