Boy Almost Decapitated From Cell Phone Accessory

An Australian teenager was nearly decapitated because of something completely shocking – the earbuds he was wearing as he got into a motorbike accident.

Bradley Willoughby was motorbiking around his parents’ farm and was certain that he had the proper protective gear on in case something went wrong. He didn’t realize, however, that the headphones he had connected to his phone to block out the noise would almost cost him his life.

When Willoughby attempted to land a jump, he did so awkwardly and the bike throttle became stuck. He was flown from the bike and into a barbed wire fence, and the impact caused a cut stomach and a dislocated ankle. His neck, however, suffered the most damage. The earbuds were secured under his helmet so that they wouldn’t pop out while he was riding, and when he hit the fence the rubber coating on the buds was yanked off to reveal the copper wires.


The force of the crash caused the cable from the earbuds to nearly rip the teen’s head off.

 His father rushed over and tried to remove the exposed wires from his throat while authorities responded, and it was later revealed that the wires just missed his trachea.

The Queensland teen underwent surgery on his leg and neck, but was miraculously able to recover.

“Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet, it’s potentially life threatening,” his mother said after the terrifying accident, AWM America reported.

Many readers responded strongly to the story, with some questioning why the boy was riding a motorbike to begin with.

“Wtf is a child at that age doing riding a motorbike and have a cellphone to begin with?!? Especially without the guidance of an adult?!? I didn’t read the whole story but I read enough to say that the parents should be up in neglect charges and that kid taken away!!” one AWM America reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

Others were more positive, expressing their relief that the teen survived the crash.

“Thank you Lord that you kept him alive. May he be physically restored and spiritually touched by your saving grace,” one reader commented.

“Devastating! Prayers for a full recovery,” another added.

Other readers commented on the danger of cell phone use in a variety of situations, cautioning people to be more careful about where they operate their phones.

“They say shut your cell phones off when you pump gas at the gas station been a fire hazard. Remember shut of cell phone when pumping gas,” one reader commented.

Sources: AWM America, AWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM America