Camera Catches Unsuspecting Grandma In Middle Of Her Act, Quickly Goes Viral [video]

While sitting in the restaurant booth waiting for grandma to arrive, the young family looked out the window and witnessed something that made them laugh and laugh. Apparently, grandma was delayed. Her favorite song had come on the radio and she just couldn’t stop shaking her groove thing!

As she lifts her hands in the air and shakes her bottom side to side, grandma displays how she still has so much life to live. No matter what people might say about her, she is a ball of energy and is all too happy to show it off to the world at large.

Check out this inspiring and funny video! You’ve got to watch grandma’s dance moves!

As you know, dropping everything to dance in the parking lot takes a lot of courage. This grandma has it in droves!

As the viral video states in the description: “These restaurant patrons were laughing their heads off as they watched a grandma dance in the middle of the parking lot. They watched as she twisted her hips and drop it low a couple of times from the comfort of their booth.”

“Whatever she got, I want it!” says one of the people watching her do the twist in the parking lot.

Another person speaks the truth, “She is killing it!”

“She’s about to become a YouTube sensation.”

At the 35-second mark, Grandma starts getting even more energized. She flips her arms around and swings her legs, hips, and arms side to side. A few seconds later, she bends her knees and drops down low. It’s not something you see every day, but it is great when you do!

Based on how fearless this grandmother is, we can assume that she is not a shy person. If she’s willing to dance and keep dancing while people watch and cars drive by, she is a brave cookie indeed!

Here’s what some viewers had to say about her:

“Laugh it up, all you youngsters. One day, you’ll be her!!!!!” watcherjohnny wrote.

“her husband’s life insurance check must have came in…,” Bill T. joked.

“makes me wanna go dance with her and I don’t even dance,” one person wrote.

“how is that funny? you’ll be doing the same when you’re the same age as her,” shared Pingurrr S.

This video reminds me of another dancing grandma. Except this one was in her kitchen when Vanilla Ice’s hit song “Ice Ice Baby” came on the radio. While still cooking and stirring the pot, she breaks out into a dance that has since been watched by millions on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Similarly, people are laughing when another grandma got to ride a virtual reality roller coaster. And when they saw the video of her doing it, they couldn’t stop laughing. That clip went viral thousands of times over, too.

Check out the video clip below of grandma dancing in the Waffle House parking lot. Do you have gusto like her?

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