Lunatics Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Rocket And The Footage Is Something Else

The awesome thing about the ease of use and increasing popularity of GoPros is that nearly every part of the planet is being explored. From the comfort of your desk chair, you can take in a beautiful and exciting first-person view of almost any locale. It’s like you’re really there, exploring the edges of the earth.

Recently, the limits of the GoPro’s ability were tested. When some forward-thinking people strapped a GoPro onto a rocket and sent it off, they could only hope to capture a glimpse of something very rare and special. What they got in return defied any explanation or expectations they could have imagined.

A group of researchers at Aerospace Inc. recently strapped a GoPro onto a rocket.


Their plan was to send the rocket to space in hopes of capturing some never before seen video footage.


What they ended up with, far exceeded any of their expectations…

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Someone Attached A GoPro To A Falcon — And What They Captured Is Gorgeous
He takes flight, and wow…

How gorgeous is that? Wow. So, the real question is when are space tours going to be more affordable? Because I am ready to see that sort of stuff for myself.

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