Car Crashes Into An Icy River And Rescuers Only Have Minutes To Reach The Helpless Baby Inside

Finding the silver lining during trying times is often easier said than done. Just being able to process all of the emotions that come along with experiencing tragedy is enough to sideline most people.

One way to handle a tough situation is to trust that things happen for a reason. While this can certainly be hard to remember, it can be helpful to view things in a positive light, rather than dwelling or asking why.

That’s what Jennifer and Lily Grosbeck’s family is doing after the mother and daughter were involved in a car wreck that resulted in them becoming submerged in the Spanish Fork River in Salt Lake City, Utah. An officer’s body cam captured the moment they discovered the vehicle…

New mother Jennifer’s car was found upside-down in the Spanish Fork River, after she was involved in a car one-vehicle car wreck.


First responders arrived on the scene and discovered that Jennifer had been deceased for several hours.


An officer’s body cam captured the moment that responders lifted the car and discovered there was someone else in the vehicle with her…

Hopefully, the family is able to find peace in the aftermath of this tragic loss.

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