How to take an ‘everything shower’ — Gen Z’s bizarre new trend

The “everything shower” routine is awash with Gen Z fans.

The shower craze is the latest obsessive — and probably unnecessary — wellness trend Gen Z and millennials are adding to their self-care Sundays. The TikTok hashtag #everythingshower has 123.7 million views as people share and mock their own routines.

An everything shower is an extensive bathing process that consists of taking care of, well, everything.

The first step of the everything shower is carving out an hour or more of your day to pamper yourself.

During this time, people partake in a lengthy multistep pre-shower, shower and post-shower routine using a whole cabinet of soaps, cleaners, exfoliants, serums, oils and more.

Some routines begin with dry brushing, hair brushing, scalp treatments, deep conditioning masks, makeup remover and

face masks.

Once you start the water and the shower is nice and steamy, let the shampooing, conditioning, exfoliating, shaving and washing commence.

An everything shower often consists of pre-shower, shower and post-shower phases.Getty Images/iStockphoto

Moving up to the face, double cleansing — first with an oil-based face cleanser and then with a water-based one — is often the last step of the in-shower cleansing process, ending with a splash of cold water to keep hair shiny and silky.

Stepping out of the shower, experts suggest patting down with a towel to keep skin damp as you moisturize your skin and proceed with your skin care routine. Some people enjoy adding to their glow with fake tanners, hydrating their hair or donning skin masks.

These wellness trends and routines have catapulted the hair and scalp and skin care industries, both of which have expanded and are expected to continue to grow by the billions due to escalating demand for niche products.

While most people take an everything shower to pamper themselves, others also partake in the detailed routine to get ready for a possible sexual encounter.

While the system is specific to each washer and can change every time, the point of an everything shower is to indulge in taking the time to clean and care for every inch of your body.

For many, the pampering practice is a meditative process. But others joke that the routine has spiraled into an exhausting and obsessive procedure.

“My everything shower is getting out of hand,” Raya Carmona posted on TikTok, listing the most recent updates to her routine.

Claiming her “shower is filtered and pH balanced,” the TikToker has added a lymphatic drainage routine while conditioning her hair, which she now dry brushes pre-shower before giving herself a scalp massage. She uses Olaplex No. 3 treatment before shampooing. After shaving, she claims to apply “fur oil,” and after the shower, Carmona picks up a gua sha, a kind of jade roller that’s flat.

“My water bill is exorbitant. My skin is glowing. My mental health is waning,” she wrote.