Pack Of Fools Tries To Rob Store- Has No Idea This Was Waiting Inside For Them


If you find yourself making boneheaded decisions, then a life of crime may not be for you. Many a thief or crook has been undone by poor choices, and this video just may give some pause to those who have been considering a career change. As AWM shares, here’s what happens when you attempt to rob a store that employs an MMA fighter.

As you’ll see in the video, it doesn’t goo too well for them. The incident happened at a gas station on Houston’s South Side. An employee of the store was returning from the bank, and a group of thieves caught on to that and targeted him as an easy mark. They jumped him as he returned to the property, and that’s when his co-worker got involved.

His co-worker, Mayura Dissanayake, is a five-time Mixed Martial Arts champion in his native Sri Lanka. He destroyed the robbers pretty swiftly, and then calmly explained what happened.

“The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. And I punched the other guy,” Dissanayake said. “We learn how to punch, how to kick, and how to move, so all that stuff you can use in the streets.”

Two of the robbers hightailed it out of there, but Dissanayake was able to subdue another one until the police arrived. Police are on the lookout for the other two. No word on whether part of their punishment will include being thrown in the octagon with Dissanayake. This video has been gaining a ton of traction, and users have been thoroughly impressed by Dissanayake’s skills.

“I love videos like this. Such a humble nice man until friends are in danger, then he can give people a good beating,” shared one user.

“Why is this guy working as a store clerk? At worst he should be able to be getting big money as personal security for someone famous,” shared another.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM