Girls Record Themselves And Post Video Online, Viewers Become Disturbed When They See What Happened

Three Florida teenagers have been charged with animal cruelty after they threw a bunny against a wall several times (video below). The vicious act was caught on camera and posted to Snapchat.

In the footage, the teens are seen giggling and laughing as they hold the rabbit by the throat and smash it against the wall, creating a loud thump. The teens repeat the process numerous times. One of the girls kicks the helpless bunny as it tries to run away.

The disturbing video was later posted on a Nassau County community forum Facebook page, according to

One online user writes: “Hope the police throw the girls against the wall too. Maybe a wall with spikes.”

“I just heard about this and I couldn’t even watch… It makes me angry and cringe at the sight of a poor animal being tossed around. These girls got what they deserved… And I’m glad someone spoke up when they saw the video,” comments another.

One commentator says the girls’ behavior was indicative of pathological tendencies: “They actually need to be put away… Dahmer killed animals and was cruel to them. There is something wrong with their home life and our community. That children would do that to a pet.”

Meanwhile, another user gave an opposing view in defense of the teens: “If these girls face jail time over this then this country is f***d. So many butt hurt fools in this comment section that need to get their priorities straight. As cute as they are, it’s just a f***g rabbit. Their rabbit. No one gives a f*** when people are wrongfully murdered or imprisoned or when college students/athletes get away with rape, but then everyone’s ENRAGED when a bunny is being thrown at a wall. Stupid f***g country. If anything these girls need a mental evaluation and serious counseling.”

Following outcry, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office arrested the three Jacksonville girls, ages 13 and 14, and took them to a juvenile detention facility, according to New York Daily News.

The bunny was taken away from one of the girls’ homes and put in a local animal shelter where it was treated for a broken leg.

WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of animal abuse.

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