Dramatic Twist In Case Of Murdered Young Girls


FBI agents raided an Indiana farm house Feb. 16 as part of an ongoing investigation into the double homicide of two teenage girls.

Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, were dropped off at the base of a local hiking trail in Delphi, Indiana, by family members on Feb. 13. When the girls didn’t return, their parents called the police, reports KTLA.

The next day, a search party of community volunteers found the girls’ bodies a quarter mile from an abandoned railroad bridge. Police have yet to release information about how the two teens were killed.

Authorities have released a photo of a man seen on the trail around the same time the two girls began their hike. Police are asking for any information the public may have as to the man’s identity.

“We’re not saying he’s a suspect, we just want to talk to him to find out what he might have seen,” Sgt. Kim Riley from the Indiana State Police told the Daily Mail.


Since the photo was released, authorities have received almost 200 calls, some of which had tips.

Federal investigators additionally executed a search warrant of an Indiana home as part of the investigation. While the homeowner was investigated, no arrests were made and it is unclear if the man in the photograph is connected to the property.

Riley contends that a number of people were on the trail that afternoon and police are trying to talk to all of them, if possible.

“At the moment we’ve talked to everybody that we feel that has been through there and none of them are coming up as suspect,” Riley said. “Everybody is still a suspect but they went from high on the list to low on the list.”

This is the first double homicide investigation in the county’s recent history, said Riley at a news conference, reports KTLA. Police are asking citizens to take extra precautions while the case is still open.

“There is someone out there that did this crime and we’re going to track them down,” said Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby. “Folks should continue with business as usual but be more mindful and watch your surroundings a little closer.”

Sources: KTLA, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Abigail Williams and Liberty German/Facebook via Heavy, Police handout via Heavy