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A duo of adorable little wrestlers just faced off in what has to be the cutest wrestling match ever. In the video below, the precious little boy and fierce little girl go head to head for their first-ever wrestling match. At first, everything looks pretty standard. The referee has the padded pair shake hands and then puts them in fighting stances. But the second he blows the whistle, all hilarity breaks loose!

The little boy in the video– 4-year-old Isaiah– immediately sprints to the side, turning the wrestling match into a game of tag! But rather than being confused by this, the little girl waste no time and taking hot pursuit! The two dance around the mat in what looks more like a game of “duck duck goose” than a serious competition. Meanwhile, the referee is clearly amused and befuddled. He has obviously lost control of his match.

Isaiah later told Inside Edition that it was his first match ever. When Isaiah’s mom asked why he ran away, he said he wasn’t sure, adding “I am so silly, Mommy!”

The adorable little girl just goes with it, even turning to the crowd and giving a shrug at one point.

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