Group Of Boys Jumping On Trampoline Suddenly Stop — Then Mom Realizes What Made Them Go Still

A group of boys jumping on a trampoline suddenly stopped and stood still, and the reason why prompted one of the boys’ mothers to snap a photo and share the special moment on Facebook.

Tania Duenas Sweeney, who lives on Rammstein Air Base in Germany with her family, took to Facebook to share the photo, which showed her son and his friends standing in a circle on a trampoline.

“It’s 5 o’clock (m-f)… national anthems play (German and American). I love that these boys stop whatever they are doing and show their respect to our current country and the good ole USA! We love this neighborhood,” she wrote in the social media post.


Sweeney explained to the Independent Journal Review that on every weekday, the end of the workday is signaled by the playing of both the German and American national anthems.

“If you are outside you must stop what you are doing and face the direction of the anthems or a visible flag. Everything stops on base … adults, kids, all vehicles will turn on hazards and stop traffic to show respect,” she said.
She said she felt compelled to document the fact that her kids knew to stop what they were doing and participate in the gesture.

“I love that our boys know now and do it automatically. I was doing dishes in the house and looked out the window to see them at attention. It warmed my heart,” she said. “[As an example]: my son has baseball practice that starts at 5 pm on Tues and Thursday on base. Coaches ask kids to get there at 4:45, because of the anthem. The kids to get settled and be ready/and start before the anthems play, because the practice will stop and all hats off.”

Sweeney also shared something said to her by the mother of another one of the boys.

I think with my kids they know the reason that they are expected to salute the flag and the anthem. Many kids learn about being reverent from school and scouting but military kids take that more seriously. They know the importance of service to one’s country and they see it on a daily basis with their mom or dad.

These military kids sacrifice so much to support their military parent and it becomes part of who they are. They endure extended periods of time without their military parent and mature a little more quickly than the average kid. They feel pride in their country and it is amplified living on base and especially in an overseas location. I am so proud of every boy in that picture, especially because no one made those kids show respect, they did it because they truly respect the USA.

The amazing photo and gesture of respect quickly went viral, with many readers praising the boys for what they did.

“All military wives & kids learn what this all really means on any base. We are proud of our military, and so very proud these young folks have figured it all out! God Bless them,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“It is heartwarming to see young boys showing respect for our country and flag! Thank you for sharing this and for instilling honor and respect to our country to them!” another added.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Newsiosity/Facebook, Tania Duenas Sweeney/Facebook / Photo credit: Tania Duenas Sweeney/Facebook via Newsiosity