Smooth Bed For Cats


Cats like soft and cozy places where no one bothers them and can cuddle all day long. There are plenty of cat beds you can choose from at a pet store, but if you prefer to make your own one, you should try this next tutorial. You will need the following materials: elastic fabric of different colors, a sewing machine, fabric filling, pins and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting out the fabric following the pattern from the pictures (a frog shape). Fix the layers using the pins and sew the edges. Leave an open space for the filling material and once you have added this too, sew the open part. At the end, you should have a soft frog shaped pillow for your kitten. Find a nice and warm place for it and invite your cat to cuddle there. Isn’t that just lovely? Share the project with all of your cat-loving friends so their kittens can enjoy the same comfort.

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