Bar creates the ‘angel shot,’ helps women escape danger if they feel threatened or harassed

Imagine you meet someone online and you instantly click. They say all of the right things and you really start to feel a connection. They suggest meeting up in real life and you’re excited.

Now, imagine you get there and they aren’t the person you expected them to be. Instead, they’re not very nice and overall, you feel kind of unsafe. How do you get out of this situation?

Well, thanks to an ingenious idea from a bar in St. Petersburg, Florida, there’s now a smooth way of safely getting out of those situations.

The Iberian Rooster developed a secret code for their patrons to use if they ever found themselves in a sticky situation. No matter how dire the situation is, if a patron goes to the bar and orders an “angel shot,” then the bartender will intervene.

A poster posted at the bar informs patrons that no uncomfortable situation is too small for an angel shot. It says:

“Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel unsafe, or even just a bit weird? We’re here to help. Just go to the bar and order an angel shot.”

The secret code is more advanced than just the shot. Ordering it certain ways will alert the staff as to what type of intervention you need. If you order it neat, then a bartender will escort you to your car. Ask for it with ice, and instead you’ll have a car called for you. Order it with lime, and the police will be called.

This is such a great idea! Handling the situation discreetly like this will hopefully encourage people in bad situations to get out of it without feeling embarrassed or unsafe. We’ve all been on bad dates that we’d wished we could escape, but when it gets bad to the point of being dangerous, then there needs to be an out.


With technology and social media, it’s easier than ever to meet new people online. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have transformed the way we date by making it easy to connect with people we could potentially have a lasting relationship with. Unfortunately, however, it’s not always easy to tell if they’re who they really say they are. That’s why the angel shot is such a great idea.


We’re happy to see that ideas like this aren’t just happening in Florida. Other bars have come up with secret codes for helping patrons get out of situations they don’t want to be in. It’s so nice to see establishments go the extra yard to make sure their customers are not only happy, but also safe.

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