Woman Bites Cop During Arrest, Test Of Her Saliva Reveals Disturbing Truth

In Memphis, Tennessee located in the United States, local authorities were gripped with a compelling case of HIV when an officer was bitten by a female suspect who is a carrier of that disease.

The incident happened when a 2007 Chrysler 300 car with expired drive out tag was spotted by two police officers on the road. The woman was named Dayton Smith, whose licence was suspended thus she was unable to provide any car insurance documents as proof.

The police started to search her car, and found numerous drugs ranging from marijuana, crack, to even cocaine. In an attempt to escape, she lied that she needed to use the girls’ bathroom, which resulted in her being tackled to the ground. Dayton bit her attacker, but was held down to by the other. She told prison doctors that she is a carrier of AIDS.

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Smith was charged with three total counts: resisting police arrest, criminal exposure to HIV, as well as attempting aggravated assault. Her bond is worth $50,000.

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