DIY Craft Stick Christmas Tree Calendar


As its only mid-December, you still have time to try all the cool Christmas craft ideas trending this year. One of them is this cool advent calendar that looks like a Christmas tree. It is a very nice project to try with your children and ask them to help you building it. Afterwards you can hide little surprises for them in each small box. For the project, you will need: 24 craft sticks, paint, hot glue gun, 25 sheets of paper and some other supplies (you can find the whole list by visiting the link below). First build the base of your calendar; that will be the stick tree. Then make the boxes. This will take some time, as you will have to fold 25 small boxes, but this is the part where your children can help. Glue a ribbon to the top of each box and make a hanging system too. Mark each box, by writing a number on them (from 1 to 25) and place a small chocolate or other desert in each box. Your advent calendar is now ready, you just have to find the perfect place for it.

DIY Christmas Tree Calendar – Instructions by Crafty Nest