5 Ways to Use Pallets to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

1Pallets to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Pallets are horizontal platform device which is utilized for storing, transporting and handling goods. Pallets are made very sturdy because it also protects goods from damage. These are typically made from woods but it also comes in variety of materials like plastic, paper and metal. Wood however is the one which offer durability coupled with affordability and the ability to be recycled into almost anything you can think of.

If you are looking for structure or furniture to add to your outdoor space, why not consider using pallets and transforming this into beautiful pieces that could bring out the beauty of your place.

Check out these ideas on how to use pallets to enhance your outdoor space.

1. Pallet lounge chair

The beautiful view of outdoors is useless if you don’t have a comfortable lounge chair where you can sit and relax after a stressful day. If you still don’t have a lounge chair, now is the perfect time to make one using pallets that you can get at very affordable rates.

Adirondack chair has wide armrests and slanted back making it a great outdoor chair. Since the armrest is wide it can serve as a rack for drinks and snacks. If you want to enjoy the outdoors with someone, then a twin seated Adirondack chair is for you. The middle armrests of the 2 chairs are connected to each other offering a bigger space at the center for your food and beverages.

2. Pallet sectional sofa

Pallet sectional sofa is suitable for individuals who love to have friends and guests over to their house. This kind of sofa is different to the usual one because it is bigger thus providing more space for more people. It has 2 sections and is forming an L shape making it ideal in corners of your patio or deck.

After creating the sectional sofa, add cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable.

3. Vertical Planter

This is a lovely project for people who love to plant, but don’t have enough space in their gardens. Using this would allow you to plant variety of plants even if you have a small garden. The best place to get pallets to be made into vertical planter is outside garden nurseries because these pallets are not chemically treated.

4. Swing

If your porch, patio or front yard is bare and you want to decorate it, you can make a pallet swing with colorful cushions. There are different swings you can make to fit the different areas in your home. You can attach a rope on your porch roof then hang the pallet swing or you can use a sturdy tree to carry the weight of a hanging bed.

Outdoor swings would be a great hang-out space not just for kids but adults as well who wants to relax and admire the cloud or the twinkling stars at night. Make sure that when you have cushions on your outdoor swing, these must be covered with water-resistant fabric so you won’t have to bring them in when it rains.

5, Playhouse for kids

Every kid dreams to have a playhouse but not all parents can afford to buy to build one. With pallets you can make your kids dream come true even with a limited budget. Let your kids explore the outdoors and make it a fun experience with a pallet playhouse.

Find the spot for the playhouse and made a layout. Decide how tall and wide the house will be so you can make an estimate of how many pallets you will need for the project. To make the playhouse more attractive, paint it with lively colors. The paint will also protect the wood to make it somewhat resistant to the weather changes.

There are numerous things that you can make out of recycled pallets. Look online for other helpful pallet project ideas that you can use for your outdoor space. Take note that pallets are made from wood so you should apply paint or vanish to make it last for a long time. Check out products that you can use to protect your pallet projects.