They Thought It Was Just An Unfortunate Deadly Accident. Then Cops Spot The Cause Under The Seat

Early on Wednesday morning near Fillmore, Utah, a fatal crash claimed the lives of three people. A driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee smashed into a Honda that carried three people. The driver of the Jeep was going the wrong way down I-15 when she changed the lives of her innocent victims forever.

Three people died while one person is in critical condition. Jessie N. Wilkerson, 18, was the driver of the Jeep that went in the wrong direction. After the fatal crash, police found a bottle of alcohol behind her seat…Now she is dead and took two other lives with her.

25-year-old Larry J. Martin, who was driving the Honda, was killed by the drunk driver on impact. He wore his seatbelt and did everything right but Wilkerson’s drunk driving was no match for the smaller car’s safety measures. A conflicting report from the Salt Lake Tribune, says he had not worn his seatbelt when Wilkerson drove her Jeep into the front of his car.

In the back of the Honda, 27-year-old Kaela Hernandez was sleeping. She had not been wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle in the crash and died on impact.

In the passenger seat of the Honda, 29-year-old Joseph C. Martin wore his seatbelt and survived the crash. But he is currently in the hospital suffering from serious injuries.

The three innocents in the Honda were reportedly driving to a business convention in order to further their careers. Wilkerson took that away from them when she decided to drink and drive.

People shared their responses to the news on Facebook:

  • “How sad it is that people do not wear seat belts, do not use baby seats and text while driving. Maybe cars have to be equipped to not start to remind people??? Riding in a high powered car can be dangerous,” Helen Loftis Schaefer wrote on Facebook.
  • “I was in a car accident, I was not hurt, but the first thing I remember was that I smelled gasoline, the second thing I realized was that I could not get my seat belt off. Turns out the seat belt was working fine, but between the shock of the accident, and the panic caused by smelling gas, I could not get my fingers to make the seatbelt unclip. The more I tried and failed, the more deeply into panic I went. Someone from outside the vehicle had to unclip my seatbelt. I personally, because of this, am not a fan of seatbelts..I wear it…but I don’t like it. I have not forgotten the fear I felt when I couldn’t get it off,” Cindy Dygert from Arcade, New York shared.

The drunk driver wasn’t wearing her seat belt either. Now she is dead. Remember to buckle your seat belt no matter what seat you’re in. Even if you’re in the backseat, a seat belt can save your life. If you get into a car accident, you can be thrown through the windshield if you’re not wearing it and be killed on impact. Save your own life and wear your belt.

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