If You Stare At This Woman For 30 Seconds Something Really Cool Happens

Artists surprise and amaze people every day with their unique and fantastic talents. A video uploaded to YouTube in August 2014 titled “Life Painting Show – Woman’s Life” has gained a lot of attention on social media this week because the talents displayed in the video seem to go above and beyond what most people expect to see. The digitally painted pieces shown in the video look life-like. That’s the expected part. The method used by the artist, “Stonehouse,” for transitioning to each new work in the series is why everyone is so awestruck.

The video, which contains time lapse editing by “Yirigun,” shows various stages of a woman’s life. Stonehouse started with an off-white blank digital canvas in Corel Painter 11 and then rough sketched the outline of an infant and completed it using a variety of warm colors. Stonehouse then rotated the image left from the portrait view less than 90 degrees and began to paint over top the painting of the infant to create a painting of a toddler with similar features.

This trend continues with Stonehouse painting over each portrait to show the next stage in the woman’s life from her childhood through her teen years, young adulthood, adulthood, middle age, old age and then back to infancy in what appears to be her next incarnation or the infancy of a grandchild. Stoneshouse captures a variety of realistic physical changes, including short and long hair, hair color changes, various top styles and even wrinkles and blemishes.