This Tiny Cabin Sleeps Six And The Interior Is Stunning


While not officially tiny, this small vacation home is perfect for a mountain getaway. At 507 square feet this home can sleep 6, seven if you count the couch. That’s really nice! It has all you need, except maybe a little space away from the rest of the family. That is ok, I can go for a walk in the woods for that rejuvenating sense of tranquility when they start to drive me crazy. The vaulted ceilings are beautiful and add a sense of light and space to the living room. The porch, which isn’t added into the total square footage, makes for an airy spacious feel as the living room opens up into it.

The square footage means it is not a true tiny home. A small home is 400-1000 square feet and a true tiny home is anything less than 400. There are also width and height requirements (picky picky.) But who cares? It’s awesome no matter what category it falls in! This isn’t mobile like so many of our other tiny home posts but, it’s in such a great location why would you want to move it anyway?