Dog Lost 2 Yrs Thinks She’ll Never See Owner Again. Her Reaction When He Finds Her Says It All

When I was younger, my older sister and I would come home from school, she would make me dinner, and then she would go straight to sleep.

We are 10 years apart, so at that time she was going through her “I’m in high school and life is stressful and I just want to sleep” phase. Every day she would slumber from the time we got home to the very next morning when it was time to get ready for school. I honestly thought she was a record sleeper because I had never known another human being to snooze that much!

One day when I was 7 years old, my godmother came to pick me up to spend the evening with her. I had forgotten to notify my parents and when it was time for me to leave my sister was sleeping so I decided not to bother her. I got my little purse and headed straight for the door…with no one in my household aware of my plans.

When my parents came home from work, they discovered an unlocked front door, a missing 2nd grader, and a hibernating teenager. They were distressed, to say the least! For hours they searched the neighborhood and went down a list of relatives to contact until they finally reached my dear godmother. Relief replaced worry and I was back in their custody within the hour.

There can be a lot of panic when someone or something that you love goes missing. When the object or being is really important to you, you never give up your search until they are found.

One family in Argentina spent two years looking for their dog after she went missing!

Pakita escaped from her owners’ home back in 2014 and had been picked up by Argentina’s Arca Animal Refuge. The shelter spent a lot of time trying to find a home for Pakita, but she would always get passed over for younger and happier dogs.

Despite the rejections, the refuge continued to post pictures of Pakita on their Facebook page with hopes that the perfect person would be interested in her.

Thankfully, the right person did see the picture. That person was the mother of Pakita’s owner, Ariel Naveira.

The next day, Ariel and his mother visited the shelter to confirm that the dog was, in fact, Pakita…and she was!

Two years of separation left Pakita feeling a little cautious of Ariel, but once she had a whiff of his hands she knew exactly who he was. She was jumping, wagging her tail, licking him, and rolling over for belly rubs!

The joyousness of the reunion helped make up for the long sorrow of the disconnection.

“It was beautiful,” Ariel said. “I was sad to lose her, but to get her back was spectacular. There are no words to describe it.”

This story is a good reminder to never give up on the ones you love! We are so happy to see this man and his companion reunited!

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