This Is What A Banana A Day Does For Your Body!


After you read this you will love bananas even more.

It is known that bananas contain natural sugar – saccharose, fructose and glucose combined with fibers. Thanks to his combination it gives us energy right after we consume it. Recent researches show that only two bananas are enough to provide us with enough energy for a 90 minute workout. This shouldn’t surprise you because athletics usually recommend bananas as the best fruit. Not only the energy that bananas provide, they also help with different forms of illnesses and states of organism, a fact, that puts this fruit on the everyday menu.

Read on and find out all the benefits of a banana a day.


According to a recent research which was conducted on people suffering depression, many felt better after eating a banana. Main reason for this is tryptophan, a protein which turns into serotonin or so called the hormone of happiness, which relaxes and improves mood and it makes people happier.

PMS. Forget about the pills and eat bananas. Vitamin B6 in them regulates the level of glucose and it affects the mood.


The mount of iron in bananas helps stimulation of hemoglobin and in that way decrease the chances for anemia and help curing this disease.

Blood pressure: This unique fruit has a lot of potassium and as well contains a little bit of salt which is ideal ratio against high blood pressure. Even American food and medicine agency confirmed that this fruit may be used for production of medicine and other means in the fight against stroke and high blood pressure.


Two hundred participants at Twicham School in England ate bananas for breakfast, snack and even lunch in order to finish exams with highest productivity. This experiment showed that thanks to the potassium in the bananas the students were more productive and studied more carefully.


Because bananas are rich in fibers they help the digestive track to work normally without the use of laxatives.


One of the fastest ways to get rid of the hangover effects is to drink banana milkshake with honey. Bananas calm the digestive track; the honey supplies the sugar in the blood and milk calms and hydrates the organism.


Bananas with their ingredients have natural effect on the body’s acidity which makes them ideal ally in the fight against heartburn.

Morning sickness

Eating banana as a snack helps keeping up the ideal level of sugar in the blood which decreases the risk of morning sickness.

Mosquito bite

Before you take some body lotions and other means for calming the place of the bite try rubbing the bite with the inside part of the banana peel. Many have confirmed that this calms the place and reduces swelling and irritation.


Bananas are packed with vitamin B which calms the system. Instead of processed sweets and greasy foods in stressed situations or after them the organism needs some sugar in the blood and bananas are prefect in these cases because they are rich with carbohydrates.


Bananas are used as food which helps with intestinal diseases due to their soft structure and smoothness. It is the only fruit that you are allowed to eat even if there is danger for some severe illness. Bananas neutralize acidity in the organism and decreases irritation and create protective layer in the stomach.

Temperature control

In many cultures bananas are used as means for cooling even by pregnant women. At Thailand pregnant women eat bananas in order to make sure that the baby will be born with normal body temperature.

According to bananas are natural medicine for different conditions and diseases.

Compared to an apple, bananas have four times more proteins and twice more carbohydrates, three times more phosphor, five times more vitamin A and iron and twice more other minerals and vitamins. As well it is rich in potassium.

Maybe it is time to say the very well known phrase – Banana a day, keeps the doctor away!