How To Clean The 5 Nastiest Things In Your Bathroom


We all want to keep our home as clean as possible and to keep away any types of germs or bacteria from our kids. While we know that keeping the bathroom clean is very important to our health, many people think it is one of the worst parts of tidying their home. Imagine all the germs and bacteria that have been building up in the bathroom with the everyday use and you have to spend extra efforts to scrub and disinfect.

Luckily, there are many tips and tricks out there for cleaning the bathroom. In this tutorial, Melissa from YouTube channel Clean My Space shows how to clean the 5 nastiest things in your bathroom. These include the things you may overlook but can be unexpectedly dirty, such as your toothbrush, your toilet bowl brush and your plunger. Using Melissa’s genius cleaning tips, you’ll be able to clean your bathroom like a pro and make it sparkle. Check out the video for all the tips. I am sure you will try using some of these tips next time you need to clean your bathroom!

(source: Clean My Space)

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