How To Make Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge


Why is fudge only considered a holiday treat? I am guilty of only making it during the winter months and around Christmas too. It’s so delicious and that shouldn’t be the case when there are such easy microwave and freezer recipes. This peanut butter freezer fudge should get us running for the baking supplies post haste!

Grab some condensed milk, butter, whipping cream, vanilla, and peanut butter (smooth for me). Mix it all together in a stock pot until it’s creamy, bubbly, and starts to thicken up. Pour it into a lined baking dish, cool to room temperature, freeze, cut, and eat. Don’t eat it all at once! This is where I want to get all my calories for the week! Gladly.

Can’t get enough fudge? Neither can Mr. Food! He has eight, count ‘em, eight decadent fudge recipes that you must try sometime soon. The fudge cheesecake bars look like heaven in chocolate form. I’m pretty keen on the turtle fudge too.