The Hidden Secret Behind Toothpaste Bottom Color


People do not pay much attention to anything other than the brand and flavor of their favorite toothpaste, but you really should! After reading this, I bet you will start looking over the details of your toothpaste tube!

In today’s world, you can buy toothpaste that comes in many different colors, flavors, scents, etc. Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t noticed, but at the bottom of your tube of toothpaste there is a small colored block. Have you ever wondered what the different colored blocks mean?

Generally, all toothpastes have one color on the back bottom. There are four different colors; Green, Red, Black, and Blue.
Green: All Naturals
Blue: Natural with added medicine
Red: Natural with added Chemicals
Black: All Chemical ingredients

This may help on your monthly supply trip, now you will know what the main composition is of your favorite toothpaste, who knows maybe it is time to make the switch.