A Guy Let His Girlfriend Doodle With A Sharpie On His Car. The Result? It’s Incredible.


Imagine having a small dent in your bumper. Annoying, right? One guy decided to let his girlfriend doodle over the dent, thinking it couldn’t look any worse. She started doodling, and it looked pretty great. So she kept on. The designs she was creating were really pretty neat looking. He decided let her go on and do the whole bumper. Can you imagine letting someone take a sharpie to your car? There must have been a certain amount of feeling like she was doing something wrong! We normally try so hard to keep things from marking up our cars! It looked so good, and people liked it so much that he decided to let her keep going. Before he knew it the rearview mirrors were beautifully marked. Still hard to believe that all this is being done with a simple black sharpie. It looks so neat, but I’m wondering if I could get away with hiring someone to sharpie up my car. I’m not sure that is something my husband would like too much! She kept going and going, and soon enough the entire car was covered in this wonderfully beautiful design. Now it makes a statement anywhere it goes. Everyone loves seeing the sharpie car going down the road. Those who don’t know the real truth probably think it’s a custom paint job worth thousands of dollars. This girl may be on to something, a new career!