Learn How To Crochet This Beautiful Giant Circular Rug


Do you enjoy crochet projects? We found this wonderful tutorial on how to hand-crochet a huge circular rug with wool roving. Thanks to Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts, you can watch and learn step by step how she transforms 7.5lbs of wool roving into a classy and inviting rug!

You don’t need any tools because this is done by hand, but you will need:

Yarn scrap or stitch holder to mark the end of each round
Wool roving
Here’s an overview of what to do, and to learn more detail watch the video below:

First you’ll need to create a slip knot and chain 2
Next you are going to crochet six rounds, remembering to mark the end of each round as you go
You’ll be increasing six stitches per round so count to make sure
As you get more and more complete the pattern will become obvious
Check out the video below to get all of the details: