Police Frantically Search for Missing Baby. Hundreds of Miles Away, Church Opens Doors and Sees It

33-year-old Octavia Jackson and 37-year-old Nicholios Nealy were under investigation by the Arizona Department of Child Services for child abuse allegations. Their three children — two girls ages 12 and 13, and an 8-year-old boy — were quickly placed in the state’s care.

Soon, authorities learned about something horrifying: the couple had another baby but she was nowhere to be found. The Las Vegas Review Journal reveals that according to Steve Auld, the attorney investigator for Mohave County, Arizona, Jackson initially lied about recently giving birth to a baby girl but eventually admitted to that and withholding information, for which she was jailed.

Unfortunately, the big question still remained: where is the baby girl? Both of her parents were arrested and weren’t telling authorities about her whereabouts.

Even her name wasn’t known, so she became lovingly known as Baby Girl Jackson. Without more information, and with time passing quickly, they immediately initiated a large-scale search.

Knowing that the couple had recently lived in California as well as Arizona and Nevada, multiple agencies had to work together to try and find the infant. Meanwhile, authorities desperately asked anyone with information to come forward.

Only days later, Elder Kelvin Ray of the Portals to Glory Church of God in Las Vegas was called outside to speak to someone. “This individual shared with me, had I seen the baby on the news?” Ray told KSNV.

Then the man told him “well, I have the baby.” She was sitting, thankfully unharmed, in the man’s car.

“I was shocked. I was shocked. But when we did receive the baby, the baby was in good health, smiling, crying,” Ray said.

“We all just started praising God when we heard,” said Dorothy Williams, who was at church for morning prayer. “You couldn’t have brought the baby to a better church.”

The man who had dropped her off failed to speak with authorities and police are now frantically searching for him. Meanwhile, Baby Girl Jackson was placed in protective custody and is in good hands.

If nothing else, the man chose he right place to drop her off. “The Pastor has always said our church needs to be a beacon for people in need so when that need came last night, we met that need,” Ray said.