Family Baffled When Mailbox Empty For Days, USPS Reveals Reason Mailman Refuses To Set Foot In Yard

Mail carriers typically have to deal with dogs while delivering mail to homes, and occasionally unwelcoming cats. It’s rare that you’ll hear stories of other animals causing trouble for them, but it does happen.

One Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, family was baffled after realizing that their mailbox was being left empty for days. What they thought started off as a slow delivery day soon turned into a week of missing mail, and little did they realize it had everything to do with interference of the winged kind.

As reported by WTMJ-TV, little red robins can be just as scary as four-legged guards. “You’ve probably heard of guard dogs before…but this Wisconsin family apparently has a guard bird.”

A mama bird living atop an outside light fixture positioned above a mailbox became a threat for one postal carrier in late May. It wasn’t until homeowner, Matt Pierce, noticed a reoccurring problem that he decided to take action.

Once Pierce confronted the mail carrier, he was informed that the nesting bird and her hatchlings were a major safety concern. “He says, ‘These birds can attack, so if I get attacked I’m not going to deliver the mail,” Pierce told local station WTMJ-TV.

Since mail deliverers are not required to complete a job if they feel like their life is in danger, Pierce and his family were given one of two options: retrieve their mail from the post office or remove the nest. However, he figured that it would be inhumane to knock down the feathered animals’ home.

The mama bird was still taking care of her eggs. “We didn’t want to hurt the birds. So we dealt with it,” Pierce said.

Even though Pierce believed that a different bird attacked the carrier, they were still given an ultimatum to fix the problem before receiving mail again. Instead, the mail carrier came up with an alternative solution for the family.

He suggested that they place a bucket outside near their fence where he could drop the mail inside. Pierce decided to just go ahead and relocate the mailbox.

“So he still had some place nice and secure to put the mail,” the home owner said. “We haven’t had a problem since.”

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service said in a statement that he’s relieved an agreement was made. “Safety is a major concern for our carriers, whether it be snow or ice, dog or bird,” said Sean Hargadon.

“The USPS is happy both sides came up with a solution so the carrier can safely do his job,” Hargadon continued. “And the family could get their mail.”

The compromise definitely created a win-win situation for the mail carrier and homeowner. But, the true winner in this story was definitely the mama bird who will be able to continue raising her babies in peace, thanks to the Pierces’ kind hearts.