No Time To Iron Your Clothes? Try This!


Thanks to Everyday Genius, we now have a new and useful tip that will save so much time when getting ready! Wrinkles are the worst. On your face, yes. But on your clothes too!

I never iron! Ever. We dry clean the expensive stuff and use dryer tricks on everything else. I normally get a wet towel and throw that it the dryer with my rumpled outfit. Sometimes I just get the shirt or whatever I need de-wrinkled a little damp but I want to try this ice cube method. No putting an extra towel away and no risking that my clothes might still be a little damp. Quick and easy. My Favorite.

Another way to get out wrinkles on the go? Just a simple spray bottle and some water. I use this method when I travel and need to freshed after a long leg of the journey. Works like a charm!