Mom Buying Cake For Son Gets Yelled At By Man, He Doesn’t Realize Who’s Behind Him

A man in line at the grocery store witnessed a shocking moment between two customers, and played a huge role in the karma that happened as a result.

The man, dressed casually on his day off, was standing in line behind a well-dressed, wealthy man who himself was behind a seemingly-struggling mother. The mother was trying to buy a birthday cake for her son, and was attempting to scrape as much money together as possible.

“Lady, can you hurry up!” the wealthy man yells at the woman. “Some people are important and actually have places to be!”

Embarrassed, the woman mumbles about how she doesn’t have much money to her name.

“Don’t waste everyone’s time if you can’t even pay for your s***! Or maybe you need another government handout that comes from my taxes?!” the man replies.

The man telling the story was so shocked that he finally decided to step in and stick up for the poor mother.

“Hey man, that’s enough!” he yelled at the man in front of him.

“Who do you think you are? I’ll have you know I’m a director at a large shipping company, and no one ever talks to me like that,” the wealthy man replied.

The storyteller suddenly came to a major realization, and decided to respond accordingly.

“I’m so sorry, sir. I had no idea you were so important. Would you mind if I asked you for your business card?” he asked the wealthy snob, who then smugly handed over a card.

“And here’s my business card,” the storyteller replied.

“Why the h*** would I want your—” the wealthy man said, before turning completely white and realizing that the man he had just been arguing with was the co-founder of the exact same shipping company where he worked.

“Now that I know your name, I’ll be sure to phone your supervisor to ensure you’re put on probation. One more act like this and you’re fired,” the storyteller said.

The wealthy man ran out of the store, and the storyteller ultimately decided to pay for the mother’s cake as well as a toy for her son.

“Now that’s what I call karma. The man got what he deserved. It costs nothing to be courteous if a person can’t say something positive, he should keep his mouth shut,” one Shared reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This story is why you never assume anything about anyone–reminds me of the story about Oprah shopping for a purse in Italy and they wouldn’t show it to her since it was about 20 Grand–she flayed them for their blatant racism since she could have bought out the entire store inventory without batting an eye,” another reader wrote.

“That’s the way to hit him, jerk. Some people just don’t get it. Hope he’s never without a job with little income as are so.many decent people these days. Good for the gentleman that helped,” another added.

Sources: Shared/FacebookShareably / Photo credit: Flickr