Professor’s Live BBC Interview Interrupted When Adorable Daughters Bust Into Room.

This morning, Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University was interviewed by BBC News. The interview– conducted via Skype– was broadcast live, and viewers tuned in to hear the professor’s insights on the political climate in South Korea. As serious as the subject may be, the interview ended in unexpected laughter when Prof Kelly’s kids busted onto camera!

First, a little girl sauntered into the room up to Dad. Kelly tried to keep the interview professional. He continued talking about politics while gently pushing his little girl away from the camera, but– moments later– when a baby rolls into the room on a little walker, it’s clear that this interview is not going to go as planned! Even the formal professor can’t help but crack a smile!

But the best part is not the little girl, not the baby, and not the BBC staff trying to keep the interview on track… the best part is when Mom sprints in at full speed and tries her best to herd the children out of the room. Not only does she scramble to get them out of Dad’s interview, but she even crawls back into frame to shut the door!

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